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    Sony recently launched in India the Sony SRS-XG500


    party speaker[/url]. Though it reminded me of the old boombox music

    players, it is by no means a retro one but a modern party speaker

    with a powerful output and wide connectivity options. Although

    bulky, the SRS-XG500 is a moveable party speaker that is easy to

    manage irrespective where you throw a party. Priced at Rs 32,999,

    the speaker seems to be on the expensive side. Is it? Let’s find


    Build and design

    Sony SRS-XG500 party speaker

    The cylindrical body gives the speaker a distinct look while the

    fabric covering brings minimalism. The big handle is sturdy enough

    for us to carry it anywhere. On the front, there are buttons for

    power, Bluetooth, volume, play/pause, and a bass boost button. A

    rubber lid at the back covers power and USB ports and a connector

    for plugging in a guitar. The two large rubber feet keep the speaker

    stable when the bass comes in. The sides have LED lights that change

    colour when you play music and it looks absolutely beautiful under

    dim or low light. The Sony SRS-XG500 weighs nearly 5 kg but quality

    material is used so weight isn't much of a factor to point out.

    The audio quality of the Sony SRS-XG500 is at par with most of

    the small-sized trolley-style

    [url=http://www.gzfeiyangspeaker.com/audio-speaker/]audio speaker,

    [/url] although it has its own limitations considering it is a

    portable speaker. That said, the sound is loud and bassy, but at the

    same time, highly balanced so it will be music for your ears.

    For bass lovers, there is a bass boost feature but honestly, the

    default sound is much better because of the balance. The feature to

    connect a guitar adds to its credentials as a party speaker. You can

    also connect the SRS-XG500 with other speakers using Party Connect.

    There are slight tweaks you can do with the sound and light settings

    using the Sony Music Centre app. I had to play with the equalizer as

    the default sound at times doesn't go well with all genres of


    Overall, the experience was fine as I played songs on full

    volume on the terrace.

    The Sony SRS-XG500 offers up to 30 hours of playtime on a full

    charge. The battery fares well in real-life scenarios and the backup

    is close to that Sony claims. The SRS-XG500 is water and dustproof

    with the IP66 rating, so a slight rain or splash of water and

    everyday dust won't harm the speaker.

    The Sony SRS-XG500 is a speaker with loud and enthralling audio

    out. Although bulky, it can be taken anywhere - from terrace to park

    for an enhanced musical experience. The SRS-XG500 brings all the

    features a modern party speaker should have, not to forget about

    Sony's signature sound that lights up the party, but at Rs

    32,999, it's quite expensive and people may prefer cheaper

    alternatives that JBL and other brands offer.

    Throwing a party anytime soon or planning to attend one?

    Conventionally, partygoers used to have a big music system with

    bulky speakers to ensure everyone is able to enjoy the melody.

    Thanks to technology upgrades, today, you can do so by carrying a

    small yet powerful [url=http://www.gzfeiyangspeaker.com/audio-

    speaker/fire-light-speaker/]fire light speaker[/url]. In the last

    decade, the trend of party speakers has seen a big spike.

    With increasing workload, people are now taking every chance

    they get to loosen up with friends and crank up their favorite

    music. Incomes [url=http://www.gzfeiyangspeaker.com/audio-


    speaker with fire light[/url]. Be it a house party, a beach party or

    even better, a pool party, party speakers are always going to

    lighten up your guests with incredible sound effects and thumping

    bass. These are small, portable, and quite powerful.

    Yesterday I was writing about the perils and stigma of hearing

    loss, sometimes caused by listening to loud music. Today I’m

    reporting on speakers that produce loud music. Hopefully, the two

    aren’t mutually exclusive because when listening to music in larger

    rooms or out of doors, you do need more volume.

    Sony is building a name for itself in the growing market for

    large [url=http://www.gzfeiyangspeaker.com/audio-

    equipment/bluetooth-speaker/]bluetooth speaker[/url]. Today it’s

    announcing the launch of three new models designed to get any party

    going with a swing. Marketed with the slogan “Life should be lived

    at full volume” Sony wants you to turn up the music to full volume

    and dance away the night with clear and rich sound.

    Sony’s new range of X-Series speakers is specially designed to

    provide a powerful and wide-spreading sound that will suit almost

    any genre of music. Whether you’re listening indoors or outdoors,

    by yourself or with a group of friends, the new X-Series speakers

    come in a range of styles and choices of sound quality, portability,

    durability and lighting.

    All the new models s feature Sony’s innovative X-Balanced

    Speaker Units. Featuring a non-circular diaphragm, the drivers

    create more sound pressure and have lower distortion by maximizing

    the area of the speaker. The upshot of this, claims Sony, is a

    richer and clearer sound whatever style of music is being played.

    The new Sony XP700 has three front high-efficiency tweeters and

    one rear high-efficiency tweeter delivering an omnidirectional sound

    that Sony says has a punchy and deep bass with plenty of clarity.

    The new XP500 and XG500 speakers have two front high-efficiency

    tweeters while the XG500 model includes passive radiators that are

    optimized to reproduce a clear bass.

    Whether you’re looking for something to use on the go or in the

    shower, a portable speaker will play any music, podcasts, or

    audiobooks a lot louder (and a lot clearer) than the one that comes

    with your phone or laptop. And while we’ve written before about

    lots of audio accessories — including the best noise-canceling

    headphones, wireless headphones, and workout headphones — here, we

    ’ve rounded up the best portable speakers, as praised by the most

    enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

    Over 53,000 reviewers give this Anker speaker five stars, with

    thousands particularly impressed with its 24-hour battery life. “Oh

    my God, it lasts forever,” says one reviewer. “I’ve charged it

    once since I got it (a week ago) and used it every day for at least

    a few hours.” Another calls it “RIDICULOUS. I gave it a full

    charge and got over a week play time while playing via Bluetooth at

    around five presses below max volume for about ten hours a day.”

    And while the battery might be on par with the original Soundcore

    model, this newer model — called the Soundcore 2 — has several

    upgrades. It has 12-watt speakers instead of six-watt ones, which

    leads to a beefier sound overall. “I have the original Soundcore,

    which was an excellent little gadget until I finally blew a little

    speaker playing it louder than recommended, repeatedly, for years,”

    one says. “This SC2 is also excellent. It does put out more sound

    and the base is fuller.” This model is also waterproof, which

    increases the number of places you can port this speaker to. “This

    little speaker has taken on the Atlantic Ocean, Moriches, and Great

    South Bay with no problem at all,” says one fisherman. “Swells of

    huge waves have soaked this speaker and it just keeps working.”

    This under-$20 speaker received high marks from over 19,000

    five-star reviewers for its sleek design and surprisingly powerful

    sound. “This is the most fantastic Bluetooth speaker I have ever

    purchased and I have purchased a lot,” says one such reviewer, who

    goes on to say that the sound is “gorgeous,” and the controls are

    “incredibly easy and intuitive. I might even add slick. I have no

    idea why they are selling [it] at this price.” Another reviewer was

    looking for a small speaker to carry while on the go, but they were

    “pretty skeptical about this little $15 speaker being that great.”

    As it turns out, “this little speaker packs BIG POWER,” they

    write. “I can’t believe the volume level. I have a much bigger 808

    Audio Bluetooth speaker that cost much more and has half the sound.

    ” While the reviewer admits you’re “not gonna be bumping bass

    with this little dude,” they say it “gets the job done well” for

    streaming videos and music. And ultimately, for under $20, “if it

    does break, I won’t mind buying another one.”

    “360-degree sound is extremely innovative and the best part of

    this product, as it essentially solves the problem that most

    portable speakers have, which is the volume level being too loud for

    some people and not loud enough for others,” one reviewer says,

    explaining the appeal of the unique design of this Bose speaker.

    They add, “With music coming from all sides of this speaker,

    everyone is hearing the same level of music and you can have it loud

    enough to be enjoyed but not worry about it overpowering someone

    else.” Other companies make similar style speakers, but one user

    says this one from Bose is above the rest. “If you have owned a

    360-degree speaker under a hundred bucks and then upgrade to this

    one,” they write, “WOW, what a difference. I own the Soundcore

    Flare also; it sounds good, but you get what you pay for. The lows

    are much more pronounced on the Bose along with much fuller sound.”

    It’s a sound so full it’s enough to power a party. “Used for the

    music at our outdoor wedding ceremony,” one writes. “All 120

    people could hear the music just fine.”

    Like our best rated pick, also an Anker speaker, this model has

    an impressive 24-hour battery life. “Great little speaker —

    especially for the price,” one says. “Sound is crisp and full, it

    looks great, and has a nice, solid heft to it. It’s also extremely

    easy to pair to an iPhone. Once paired, it quickly and reliably

    connects to my phone when turned on.” Another asks, “Is it the

    utmost in premium quality sound? Of course not, don’t be an idiot,

    it’s a tiny speaker that costs under $30.” But they find it

    impressive nonetheless: “I think you would be hard pressed to find

    anything at this price point that comes anywhere even remotely close

    to the awesomeness you get with this speaker.” Many of the

    thousands of reviewers call out the long battery life, including one

    who describes it as, “stupid-good … I have literally left this

    thing on for days — DAYS — and it still had juice.” Another says

    “I have only charged it once and have likely played it for a total

    of 4 hours over the last week (Bluetooth) and the battery still says

    100 percent.” And when it comes to portability, reviewers say it

    can hold up to most environments. Reviewers use this in the

    bathroom, the car, and even on motorcycles, which leads one to say

    it’s pretty durable: “I’ve dropped this thing onto the street

    from a speeding motorcycle — the speaker didn’t even stop playing.

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