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    Yer: http://www.heinda-cn.com/floor-spring/

    A [url=http://www.heinda-cn.com/floor-spring/]floor spring[/url]

    is a mechanical door closing device mostly used for glass doors along

    with patch fitting. Floor springs are mostly used where both pull and

    push movement is required. The most prominent area where floor springs

    are used is in Interior doors of a Business park, Malls, Hospital


    There are many different kinds of floor spring like


    Heavy Duty Floor Spring[/url], [url=http://www.heinda-cn.com/floor-

    spring/light-duty-floor-spring/]Light Duty Floor Spring[/url],


    spring/]Single Cylinder Floor Spring[/url] and[url=http://www.heinda-

    cn.com/floor-spring/double-cylinder-floor-spring/] Double Cylinder

    Floor Spring[/url] and they have three must-have features in common.

    [b]Invisibility [/b]
    First, Floor Springs are suitable for aesthetic door systems. They

    must be virtually invisible not to ruin the general look of the whole

    door. Because the aesthetic factor is necessary, people produce many

    different types of floor springs to adapt with different types of

    doors. They can change the material, size or color to achieve a final

    purpose: its invisibility. However, their features also must comply

    with standards about size, material to ensure safety.

    Floor springs must be suitable for every type of door. There are some

    materials people usually use to make doors. Glass doors are seemed to

    be very popular with people. Every house, closed-restaurant, shop,

    kiosk, supermarket, mall, … uses glass as a popular material for its

    door system. Besides, we can see that wood is also a favored kind of

    door material. Another kind of material is Aluminum. Aluminum is a

    popular, affordable and durable material in use for doors. Nowadays,

    many researches show that Fiberglass can be the most ideal material.

    Evidence indicates that doors made from fiberglass have scratch

    resistance capability for many years. Thus, aesthetic will be enhanced


    Floor springs are especially ideal for big-sized doors. These doors

    are almost heavy and big. People need more energy to push or pull

    these doors than smaller doors using door handles. Therefore, selected

    floor springs must have certain requirements about closing force,

    closing speed and latch action. To ensure adaptability of floor

    springs, all these numbers must be adjustable. Besides, they also must

    comply with pre-registered standards guaranty the quality as well as


    [b]Affordability [/b]
    Customer's budget always is an important thing. HeleH door lock

    has two types of HeleH floor springs which are under a suitable price.

    The given price is not including installation fee yet.

    Another similar device is called door closers. A

    [url=http://www.heinda-cn.com/door-closer/]door closer[/url], very

    simply, is a type of hardware that is used to close a door either

    mechanically or automatically. It has developed into many different

    types like [url=http://www.heinda-cn.com/door-closer/heavy-duty-door-

    closer/]Heavy Duty Door Closer[/url], [url=http://www.heinda-

    cn.com/door-closer/economical-door-closer/]Economical Door Closer

    [/url], [url=http://www.heinda-cn.com/door-closer/overhead-door-

    closer/]Overhead Door Closer[/url] and[url=http://www.heinda-

    cn.com/door-closer/concealed-door-closer/] Concealed Door Closer


    Most of the time, when we think of a door closer in the commercial

    door business, we think of a surface mounted door closer that is

    installed to the door and frame with fasteners. There is an arm that

    connects the body of the door closer to the “shoe”. The body of the

    door closer can be attached to either the door or the frame, depending

    on circumstances at the door, and the shoe will connect to the frame

    or door (opposite of how the closer body is installed). So if the door

    closer body is installed to the door, then the door closer shoe will

    be installed to the frame, and vice versa.

    The main benefit of using a commercial door closer on a door is the

    range of controls available to adjust the swing and motion of the door

    when it is used. These can help a building stay secure, reduce air

    flow and save on air conditioning, and are used on fire rated doors to

    help prevent the spread of fire and smoke by closing the door behind

    occupants as they escape a building.

    Using spring hinges as door closers is an economical option when

    budget is a concern. These aren’t as fully adjustable as standard

    door closer hardware. Spring hinges can be tightened to create more

    tension and ensure latching or they can be loosened to slow the swing

    speed of the door. Besides this, there is not a lot of adjustments

    that can be made.
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