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    Biyografi: Do you know what are the three advantages that the colored

    stainless steel decorative sheet brings us?
    Please look down:
    Stainless steel has a very important meaning in the development

    of China’s industry. Its application can be said to be very

    extensive, especially the stainless steel decorative sheet in

    the decoration industry. It is widely used in home decoration

    and consumers’ feedback is also very good. So what are its

    characteristics? What is the specific use? Below we will

    introduce you in detail, hoping to help you.

    1. Features of stainless steel decorative sheet
    Stainless steel has metallic luster and strength, but also has a

    colorful, long-lasting color. It not only maintains the

    physical, chemical and mechanical properties of primary color

    stainless steel, but also has stronger corrosion resistance than

    primary color stainless steel. Therefore, when it came out in

    the 1970s, it has been widely used in the fields of building

    materials, chemical industry, automobile, electronics industry

    and arts and crafts.

    1) Cover the surface of stainless steel with an oleophobic and

    anti-fouling coating to make it have strong oleophobic and

    hydrophobic properties. After oil, water, iodine and other

    liquids drop on the surface, they will instantly form a dew drop

    without adhesion at all. Used on the surface of building

    exterior walls, it can achieve good self-cleaning effect in

    atmospheric environment.

    2) The corrosion resistance time of salt spray test can be up to

    500 hours
    3) Innovative applications in kitchenware, construction, medical

    and other industries.

    Second, the use of stainless steel decorative sheet

    In fact, many people don’t know much about it, so they don’t

    know that it has a wide range of uses in our lives. Because of

    its good mechanical properties and anti-clothing performance,

    ordinary decorative panels have entered thousands of products as

    the appearance decoration applications of various products.

    Million households. From various kitchen equipment, sinks, gas

    stoves, range hoods, various pots and pans, etc., to the

    decoration of various electrical appliances, such as

    refrigerators, LCD TVs, water heaters, washing machines, etc.,

    you can see them everywhere in life The shadow of the decorative

    board. The general decorative board application industry now

    covers many industries such as kitchen and bathroom, electrical

    appliances, and is closely related to people's clothing,

    food, housing and transportation.

    The colorful stainless steel decorative sheet is widely used

    as a building decoration material because of its bright color.

    Mainly used in the application of materials for curtain walls,

    hall walls, elevator decoration, signboard advertisements, front

    screens and other decorative objects. At present, a large number

    of colored stainless steel products are used for decoration in

    buildings abroad, and colored decorative panels have become all

    the rage. Domestic colored decorative panels not only have the

    main luster and strength of metal, but also have colorful and

    long-lasting colors. The color decorative board not only

    maintains the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of

    the primary color stainless steel, but also has stronger

    corrosion resistance than the primary color stainless steel.

    Regarding the three characteristics and specific uses of


    sheets/]stainless steel decorative sheets[/url], the

    introduction is basically over here. From this we learned that

    stainless steel plates have the characteristics of strong self-

    cleaning, long corrosion resistance, and strong innovation

    ability. With these characteristics, It has been widely used in

    the decoration of kitchens, curtain walls, hall walls, elevator

    decorations, and signs and advertisements.

    What is stainless-steel sheet and plate and what is it used for?
    Stainless steel sheet, or plate, is often used in environments

    that are subject to water and moisture, and where cleanliness

    and hygiene are important.

    One of the most common areas in which stainless steel sheet

    is used is in commercial kitchens for storage cupboards and

    shelves, to cover worksurfaces and counter tops, and applied to

    walls as a splashback. Cooker hobs are also made from stainless

    steel, as the material is resistant to effects of heat, and can

    be cleaned easily.

    Sheet metal is widely used in laboratories where durability

    and resistance to heat and corrosion are essential, and where

    high cleanliness standards need to be maintained.



    stainless steel sheet[/url] is also used to make water storage

    tanks, silos to store grain, and transportation tankers.

    Our stocks of stainless-steel sheet are available in 304,

    316, and 430 grades in a choice of dull polished finish which

    has a smooth, clean, non-reflective surface, commonly used in

    commercial kitchens and as splashbacks. Circular polished

    finish which has a stunning, distinctive swirl pattern, often

    used in the catering industry, and as decorative facias and

    dashboards on vintage and custom cars, and checker plate which

    is used for anti-slip flooring with an ellipse surface relief

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