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  • ohrimmri
    (GrafikLab Üyesi)
    GrafikLab Üyesi

    Üyelik Tarihi: 26-04-2021
    Doğum Tarihi: Belirtilmemiş
    Şu anki Tarih: 25-10-2021 Saat: 04:41
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    Kayıt Tarihi: 26-04-2021
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    Web Sitesi: http://www.ycforklift.com/electric-stacker/
    ohrimmri, Hakkında Kişisel Bilgiler
    Biyografi: Industrial water purifier
    The process of deionized water for industrial water purification equipment can be divided into four types: 1: For the deionized water obtained by anion exchange resin, the effluent conductivity can be reduced to less than 10 us/cm and then can reach less than 1 us/cm after mixed bed. However, the water cost of this method is extremely high, and the particle impurities are too much to meet the ideal requirement; It is now less used. 2: Pretreatment (Sand carbon filter + precision filter) + RO + mixed bed process can remove above 90% water ions and the remaining ions can be removed by mixed bed exchange. As a result, the effluent conductivity can be reduced to about 0.06us/cm. 3: The two-stage RO mode is adopted as follows: Tap water 鈫?multi-media filter 鈫?activated carbon filter 鈫?softener 鈫?transfer water tank 鈫?low pressure pump 鈫?precision filter 鈫?primary RO 鈫扨H regulation 鈫?mixer 鈫?secondary RO (Positive charge on the surface of RO membrane) 鈫?pure water box 鈫?pure water pump 鈫?microfilter 鈫?water consuming point. 4: As with the second method, the pretreatment uses RO, but the mixed bed used later is replaced by EDl continuous desalination membrane, so that the acid-base regenerated resin is not used, but the electric regeneration is used. This completely keeps the whole process clean. The treated water quality is above 15M. This method is suitable due to more early investment and low operating cost. The process is as follows: Raw water 鈫抦ulti-media filter 鈫?activated carbon filter 鈫?scale inhibition system 鈫?transfer water tank 鈫?booster pump 鈫扨H regulation system 鈫?secondary RO 鈫?transfer water tank 鈫扙DI water pump 鈫扙DI system 鈫?microfilter 鈫?water consuming point.
    Qingzhou Yuancheng Water Treatment Equipment wins the market with integrity, and concentrates on joint development with customers!Activated Carbon Filter suppliers
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